Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hard to explain

to why some people are so charismatic and influential in ones life.
I wish I had all the powers in the world to do what I want. And by powers, I mean money because honestly that I really what I need. Yes, I know there are ways around not having a bunch of money, but I cannot sacrafice school right now even though I tend to think I am bullshiting my way through college and will have accomplished nothing in a year.

I want a reward for my "hard work". I dont want to stress about money being tight.
I forgot to mention I ate at Burger King yesterday. Probably first time in a decade.

and it was a veggie burger!

Dilemmas and complaints:

it's 11:30 right now and I ate breakfast at 8 and my next class is at 1:30 and I'll be busy until 5. I should get lunch now but I'm lazy and too cheap.

i went out and PURCHASED the book I needed for my report (I never buy books!), took the lovely 5 hours of my Sunday evening to read it and have just found out it's only 2 pages double spaced. all the work for something so little.

coffee or no coffee? i dont want to waste a paper cup....