Thursday, March 5, 2009

Love & Food

I am so pathetic. All I talk about is either love or food. Or lack of either. Here's a bit of both:

Not that I'm trying to sound conceited, but at some point in my life, I became a pretty good conversationalist. I love talking! I love people! But talking and hanging out does not equivocate to me being interested. I'm just trying to make friends, okay? friends. I need some of those. In both sexes.

I hate that I just bought groceries not that long ago and my peaches are going moldy. moldy peaches. that's a band isn't it?
Anyway, I sauteed some eggplant and peppers today and it was dank. that's right, dank. WIth some couscous and balsamic reduction.
Now i"m trying to curb my appetite and eating "healthy" (aka eating my non allergy foods) so I'm consuming snap peas with sea salt and ground peppercorn by the pounds.

Being so productive. I love being busy. I love it. I truly do. I'm afraid that post college I will have nothing to do with my life!

A brand new topic that has never been discussed!

I feel as though my energy has been really good, positive and lucky for me these past few months. I've had my fair share (no not fair, way more than fair) of downs and ups, but some how I can really sense the ups. It's all the little things that are hard to remember after the fact. Like I'll double think doing things and for no real reason (as in, I can't see what the outcome of my action will be), I will do something just because it feels right. And then something good comes out of it. It's weird. Maybe more on this later.
My ups HAVE been pretty phenomenal lately though, I can't complain. Got into my program, got a new job, made some strong bonds with friends, rekindle old friendships, have been acing the subject I was convinced I was going to fail, NGO stuff has been going well, WE GOT GRANT$, and so much more.

Now if I could only stretch this luck a little further and hope that a few exciting things happen on spring break and this summer, that would be awesome.

One thing I've been reminding myself: live in the now.