Friday, July 18, 2008

Sorry this blog looks so boring

Maybe with some photos and a better color scheme (anyone out there have a nice layout? eh?) it will look nicer. Most of you who are reading this are probably on my 'general mailing list' (minus my parents) and I'm sorry that I don't have more exciting news here. Check back in a few days and i'll give you an update or two.

First letter of conduct, written and sent on July 18th, 2008:
'Hello dear friends!

I'm writing to you just hours away... heck who am I kidding? This is not a formal letter. This is a blurb to tell you what is going on in my life and where I will be the next couple of months in case you were trying to get lunch or invite me to some rad party (like that ever happens anyway).

At 9pm tonight, I fly to NYC, where I will catch a plane to Dubai, from where I will catch another plane to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Yes Tanzania. I included a map with points and destinations for your convenience. From Dar Es Salaam, I will take a 9 HOUR bus ride to Arusha, where I will meet up with the rest of my group. I will be living in a rural village with a Tanzanian family for 2 months, helping teach how to prevent HIV and working with locals to become more aware of the deadly virus. As you may have guessed, I will be taking photographs. A lot of them. And mostly all on film!
Not to totally brag, but I'd like to stick it in REI's face that what they advertised as a "weekend backpack" has me packed for 62 days, no joke.

It's going to be a tough adventure, but I'm super excited because I love traveling and am committed to global health.

Wish me well, that I will come back to Seattle in one piece, with a backpack overflowing with Tanzanian goodies and a mind and heart filled with inspiration, knowledge and awareness.'

The flight route

Map of Tanzania

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