Sunday, November 23, 2008

Photo update since September

RIP 6.99 Ross shoes

I wore these flats on the first rainy day I got back just to discover that one of the soles was COMPLETELY ripped out and the other was almost there.

Martyn and Anton cooking for us

Teresa and Michaela's travel buddies from Australia came to visit for a few weeks and Martyn cooked us this delicious Thai dish. He had marinated the beef in beer and few other things. Honestly the best marinated meat I've ever had.

My favorite of Martyn's tattoos

Totally obsessed with the hand tattoo.

Three pounds of candy

My best friend is away in Denmark and missing her candy... So my friend and I sent her three pounds worth!

In recent news, I moved to an apartment with four girls. The place has a LOT of potential.. it's just a matter of agreeing on what is going to happen and staying on a student's budget.
Also, I feel completely confused on how I am coming off to other people. When I don't act like myself and become reclusive, I'm unhappy and well, not myself. But when I am myself, I give off the wrong impression and attract unwanted attention and get myself into stupid situations. Can't I just be myself and form awesome friendships and nothing else?

apparently not.

1 comment:

Emily said...

I love you Paula.
I like it when you are yourself.
I also like candy.

RIP shoes.
But this gives you more reason to buy new ones. I will even purchase some for uhhhh moral support.