Monday, December 1, 2008

"You will soon receive a letter from a loved one"

as my fortune cookie today reads. Friends: get on it!

The last thing I want to do is make this blog a personal ranting and raving journal. That's my my written journal is for. Enough of that and more of my thoughts.

Sometimes I wish college would offer a way to take a seminar that only lasts a week, on a variety of specific topics. For instance, I've always been really interested in pheromones and how they are projected and perceived by others. Why are some people naturally more attractive (not physically, but in terms of more approachable) than others? Please, I'd like to know!

Also, I'd like to focus a week on STI rates in Western European countries, mainly those that are more open about sexual behavior, legalize abortion and make birth control readily available.

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Emily said...

I want to learn too!
I am going to try a new mailbox and see if things get back home that way. Stupid Danish mail system has failed me too many times already.