Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Where all of the corn grown in the US goes...

Email sent to UWfarm by Keith Possee:
"The EPA's Ag Center says corn in the U.S. is harvested from 72.7 million acres(m/a) and that 80% goes to feed cattle, poultry and fish. The National Corn Growers Association says that over 50% of U.S. corn goes to feed cattle alone. That would be more than 36.35 m/a of U.S. farmland. The USDA says that as of 2007 there were slightly more than 922 m/a of farmland in the U.S., of which, roughly 406.5 m/a are cropland(as opposed to pasture/woodland etc.) That's about 1/11 of U.S. cropland devoted to feeding corn to cows(another 408 of the 922 m/a farmland total is pasture).
ps- the piece from mother earth news is about growing your own chicken food... and I've posted the piece from Cornell's David Pimentel again.


What I don't understand is that I thought we grew a lot of corn for fuel? Maybe that's the other 15% and then 5% to food?

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