Monday, September 22, 2008

obviously there is a lot to be reflected on and said about the adventure I just had, but I've got more important lingering questions on my mind right now.

Last summer i was introduced to the world of fine cheeses and chocolates. thanks. that did me a whole lot of good as both are so incredibly healthy and nutritionally dense (sarcasm never ceases). though I did not dine on fine red meats this summer, i have found a new passion and craving for them. so what am I getting to exactly? well you see. I haven't adjusted completely to the time difference and I woke up at half three (damn brits and your way of speaking) totally starving. So I defrost some veggies and a beloved tofu corn dog. As i was eating the delicious fake meat invention I kept thinking, "why dont people make real sausage corn dogs?"

next dinner plan.

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