Tuesday, September 30, 2008

travelers attract travelers

travelers also attract exciting and romantic lives
N was off traveling europe when she met a boy from Australia and then transferred to his school for 6 months
T went off to Guatemala and had a good time
A traveled the world and met some Turkish man.
L traveled to TZ to find a boy from California.
L moved to the big city and loves it (like I knew he would).
J decided to move to Poland and loves it enough to go to school there.
K and A both moved back to Poland and K is getting married soon.
S found her Australian lover in the big city, followed him to nyc and now he's coming back.
M moved to Cape Town and has made it her home.
H traveled abroad for a quarter and decided to stay to work for a year or two.

and me? I'm a lot of stories. But I came back. this time.


Jo Marie said...

Woohoo blogging!

I can make out a couple of those.

paulak said...

haha yeah... i cant be TOO secretive.