Monday, October 27, 2008

Election countdown: 8days

I thought I'd be more excited about election day because I thought there would be weekly student debates but I haven't heard about a single event. Though it'd be a nice thing to assume, I know the campus isn't all voting for Obama. Let's start some arguments!

What has gotten me really excited is not only is this MY first year voting, it is almost my father's. He has taken a stand and actually participating in US politics. That's not very ordinary of him. Unfortunately, my vote isn't holding too strong because my vote will cancel out of my fathers which leaves Mccain dominating my house. Thankfully my neighbors know better.

Since no one else around me seems to be doing a whole lot, I have taken upon myself to email my parents once a day until Election day with only one reason (per day) about why they should reconsider. That's only 8 reasons out of many that I have to choose!

Wish me luck.

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