Sunday, May 23, 2010

The perfect independent coffeeshop

It's interesting how people define the perfect independent coffeeshop.

I feel like alot of people who are musicians, artists, "that type", see their favorite most perfect coffeeshop as being a little grungy, big comfy couches, art all over the walls, music every night and having quality coffee.

Somehow, I can't see a place like that HAVING or CARING about the quality of the coffee. Maybe they do. But from my experience, every place that has been any where near this description has employed the type of people that would frequent this sort of place and the quality has been sub par. Incredibly sub par. I actually can't think of a place that I really enjoy that IS quality and has all of these characteristics. None.

What does come to mind is a trashy, unkept, unclean place with varying coffee quality, where the sanitary standards seem like the last thing on the employees mind, where the owners don't care about the source, quality or presentation of their products, where the music is too loud and is either horrible top 40 "alt rock" or local bands who are equally horrible but think they're going to get somewhere, where the art on the walls looks like it was done by a kindergarten (oh sorry, was that art?), there are roaches and rats crawling in the walls (happens A LOT more than you think) and lastly, somehow dare to charge absurd prices (if you weren't aware, prices don't necessarily reflect quality) and lastly, somehow stay in business.

That's all I have to say. Apparently I care a little too much. Maybe I should be more involved in the restaurant industry. And do mean that with an emphasis and elitism.

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