Friday, May 14, 2010


Deadlines are approaching, roller coaster of insanity is more chaotic than ever.
Writing out the list of things that have happened in the past weeks and the things that are about to come, both positive and negative, is too much for my soul right now.
Also, I just took the round of my nightly supplements and I feel a little out of my body. I suppose it makes me almost high... extremely zoned out and fuzzy.

I'll just focus on a few of the positive things:
Moved into a co-op/collective with 8 other people (alot I know!) but the house is MASSIVE and beautiful. We have potted plants everywhere and a plot at the ppatch and an entire wall of grains, rice, beans and spices. And lots of cast iron. And so many other more amazing goodies. I absolutely love it.Planted two different kinds of mint, chervil, flat leaf parsley (but it's actually some unknown heirloom variety) and marjoram outside my 3rd story attic window.

Worked on our ppatch and school farm. We got an acre! And lots of grant money!
This entire wheelbarrow full of salad greens was harvest from the farm and the rest was foraged on campus. So delicious.

Baked this double chocolate mocha cake for my mom:
All from scratch. Even made the chocolate shavings on top. It's also what sent me into day long stomachaches and a commitment to my diet.

Lastly, this was my all gluten, dairy, sugar, soy, baking yeast free supper:
Gluten free crepes with peanut butter and fruit spread and beer. YUM.
The milk DOES contain a little bit of soy lecithin, so I cheated slightly.

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