Monday, April 21, 2008

Sundays are a joke

On Sundays, I'm pretty good at underestimating the amount of work I have to do for the following week. How do I know this?
Because my datebook is filled with at least 2 things for every date until Saturday. Then, I've got 2 volunteer events happening in 2 weeks, a paid temporary job for a week in a few weeks, more hours at my current job, a few lunch/dinner/coffee dates spread over the next 2 weeks, an application for my major due this week, prefield training on the weekend, 3 short papers due in the next week and an exam in 2 weeks.

What have I completed so far? What have I gotten started on? (no one probably cares but at least it lets me keep track of myself):
just about to start 2 of those short papers

that's it.

Oh yes, and I have to buy gifts for 3 individuals in the next week or so.


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