Sunday, May 3, 2009

Simple things

Sleeping cures a lot of things.

This past week, one of my favorite professors stopped me after class to make sure I was doing alright. You know it's bad when your teacher not only notices, but cares too. I decided to rest up as much as I could this weekend, which hasn't been as much as I would have liked, but Im not complaining.

Seeds have sprouted!

Our herb and veggie garden!

Yesterday, Teresa and I bought some starters just in case our seedlings failed. We figured that it was not only OK for beginners to semi cheat, but also it supported a non profit that is doing TREMENDOUS things in Seattle. I squealed with excitement when I saw how many plants were for sale. I think I smelled every single herb there was. We ended up buying sunflowers, eggplant, lavender, basil, lettuce mixes, parsley, cucumber and peppers. I'm going to write down the proper names soon. Oh and MINT! The mint smells SO DELICIOUS. I also have three packets of flowers I need to plant some time this week.


So after our plant buying adventure, we went to the produce stand and bought ridiculous amounts of veggies and fruit for under $15. Seriously, I just get excited bringing home a huge bag of food. The excitement dies when I try to figure out something to cook and nothing comes to mind though.
Later, I walked to the farmer's market and realized they started selling starters too! Our herb garden is going to be ridiculous. And delicious. AND THEN I found out we have a really good chance at getting a p-patch! YES. Im a little nervous using a public space for our veggies, just because I want the herbs to be readily accessible when I cook but I think we'll plant some squash, eggplant and loads and loads of flowers. Maybe we can attract some hummingbirds?

I really want to buy a couple of citrus trees. I was tempted to buy an elderberry bush but decided I should probably make the space before I make such an investment. I want to be able to care for my plants! (why do I sound like such a parent?)

What excited me today though was my poor man's Italian espresso and the fact that I hung my laundry out on our clothing rack to dry in the sun. YES. It just made me so excited and happy.

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